GREG ALAN JANKOWSKI a lifelong artist, writer and photographer has reemerged once again creating unique artistic paintings and photography highlighting his love of line, color, typography and composition. His most recent body of work delivers everything from graphic storytelling character portraits, abstract explosions of color and message driven commercial, social and political graphics. First commissioned as a sign painter with his father at the age of 10 Greg's natural creative abilities and keen eye continued to play a valuable role both in his early advertising and present artistic career. He delivers both unique storytelling and introspective creations complimenting his philosophical expressions of what it means to be a "Renaissance Man" living in an every changing tech driven modern day soul searching world.

"Advertising is designed to convince and manipulate the public eye. Arts purpose is to expose glimpses into our inner imagination to discover truth."

A long time graphic artist and painter I've always loved the combination of the written word and images to invoke thought feeling and inspirational action. As an on again, off again now on again! painter I find myself completely immersed in the LA Art scene. I find joy and energy through color and true excitement about bestowing viewers with flowing compositions to unveil glimpses of their own unique self discovery. My creations with the inclusion the written word and the beauty of type and it's flowing edges helps bridge my desire to grab the viewers attention to help invoke feelings of wonder and encouragement on th potential of what it means to truly be alive. If it is sculpting human flesh when working with individuals in my fitness business or expressing ideas with line and color creating on canvas the experience is the same. The imaginative potential of the body, mind and soul is honored and revered. Posing again and again the self question of…

"What is the experience of truly being alive?" That to me is the only true ART to investigate and I try as best as I can to raise a bit of that question to my community and fellow man in each of my works."